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On wish art photography: value of the classics, fine art at it's best definition.

Up to 300x180cm 108 Megapixel High Resolution Photography

Stacy Keibler Tribute (2007)
Nice photo art can change your whole house or flat. You can have print of your desire in any size up to 300x180cm (120"x70" hi-resolution canvas) or 90x60cm (35"x23" top quality and long color lasting papers).
Quality is not something You need to opt-in, You just cannot get it other way. Photos for extra large prints are shot with best available film or digital cameras and digitally enhanced to show maximum even when viewed upclose. Additional paint, retouch and fractal enhancement techniques ensure up to 108 real megapixel (12000x9000 pixels) resolution and highest possible details for sharp and nice prints.

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As simple as this. Our art studio is able to deliver high resolution digital image ready to be printed in Your gallery or complete canvas or fine art paper print based on Your ideas. Just like when sitting with the artist together, artworks completed with unique style, fully connected to Your life, feelings, likes or dreams.
Each print is individual: every print is made only for you, just the way You need it.
Your's for ever: optionally all prints done for you can be completely private. You will receive certificate to them and nobody will ever get the same or similar print.

Creative Girl (2007)

On Wish Photography Triplets

Few examples of photography triplets (a story driven fine art print serie).
Mad Composer 360x90cm (2006)
Love and Hate of the Teddy Bear 270x90cm (2008)
Once Upon a Ship 320x85cm (2007)
Girl Reading in Park 360x100cm (2008)

Few Examples of On-Wish Artworks

Another Satisfied Desire
Scared Girl
Young Princess
Snow Bunny Series
12 Hours Book
Ultimate Guide how not to spend a day in your life.
Boxed Up Love
Gala Magazine
(ultimate reading of...)
Young Love
Red Heat
There is you...
...and there is me. There is no "us".
The Worst Candid Contest
Street photography staged "candid".
Safe for Amateurs
BR Act Book
The worst what could happen to you is me.
The Lensbaby, baby, me and my self (Lensbaby Masters)
The Lensbaby Master is Back (2007)
Advertising Work
Express Your Self Campaign
More here
Photo Dreams Series
The Another Kama Sutra
As book available.
Kristin Kreuk Tribute
Little Red Riding Hood
My Love
Scary Effects (DA Scare FX)
Warning: Might be disturbing.
The Terrorist
CU-DB Squad
...that looks like it might even work! (customer)
Print for Lobby of Wind Power Plant Service Company HQ
...I would never believe that You can create art photography just from the wind wheel...
First Print:

Second Remake:

Busted Girl
The girl one day got stopped by police officer, charged for speeding and found her self in deep troubles by resisting to the officer's commands. Her beauty, woman power and life energy helped her to get out of this trouble this time and find man of her dreams in the officer who stopped her. Seven years, one marriage and two kids later she decided to get reconstruction of this event as a present for her loving husband's birthday.
Another desired art photography print made me proud to be part of this wonderful story.
I wish many lucky years to the loving couple.

Dear Fred,
print arrived today, week earlier than was needed, that was nice surprise.
I cannot believe what I have seen when I unpacked it. It is cute, precise as discussed, as the details, car looks almost same as mine and the girl close as I looked that time! It is almost like watching my self or dreaming about when it happened, and thanks to this print we both can never forget how emotionally strong it was that time.
Thank You very much again, it was not last desire we will have, for sure!
All the greetings, health and power,

shorted from original, displayed with permission

Since second customer wanted to have similar print, the scene was redone in 2007 for him. No print sold twice!

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Art belongs on canvas
Art belongs on canvas many says... And we agree. Nothing beats feeling of huge canvas for art photography. You can get prints on high resolution (over 300dpi) canvas and whitened canvas with sizes even over 2 meters. Canvas is UV (sun) resistant and have expected lifetime about 20 years (with further reasonable degradation).

Finest paper and archive paper available on market for glass or glass-free frames.
Books and calendars made from heavy fine art paper.


All art on this online studio is ©1995-2011 Desire Art, Kuhne, Fred and relevant Photographers. Any reuse, reprint or public presentation requires written permission. Please contact us in this case.
In Germany are Fred's prints available also through Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart. Stock Photography licensed only once. Photography related help and reviews.
Cutest book on the world? BearSutra, nov available.