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On wish art photography: value of the classics, fine art at it's best definition.


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We have created gallery with many fine art, erotica and nude photography for those who have purchased some of our prints and fans of our work.
Gallery is about 500 GB big at this moment and contains over 35000 selected prints alone (excluding outtakes, guides, etc). Images are dated back to 1988 and shows many views on all of our work in Europe and Africa.
There is also lot of before unpublished work, complete series where only few was published from, outtake shots and many many photos from our members, family and friends (with creative background dated back to 1953), paints and tutorials (we did back in 80-90ties for some magazines) and work of our creative bees and children photo groups.

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Artwork of the week: With 20 year average of 4 new artworks per day this category will keep you entertained every time you come back.
Fine Art Photography: The best of our fine art, erotica and nude photography.
Art Portraiture: The soul and the personality captured on a slide.
Buy and Print: Online ordering of the high quality canvas and paper prints with sizes up to 300cm.
Downloads: A digital negatives of your ordered artworks and high resolution photography for download.
Member's Section: Way to express your self with own photos, comments, ratings and preferences.
Our Muses: Profiles, galleries, discussions and a chance to order custom artwork with them.
Glamour & Fashion: When You need something better then the real world can offer. Featuring unique high impact lighting fashion photography tutorials.
On-Wish Artworks: The fully custom art photography based on your own ideas and dreams.
Guides: Behind the scenes, guides, tours, how-tos and overall photography and a post processing backgrounds.
Landscapes: A X-Pan, 6x17 and a stitched digital panoramas, land- and sea-scapes.
Nature and Macro Photography: Our exclusive work for nature and education publications.
And more... Many interesting photos from our friends, kids we teach, workshops and fairs, blog oriented to art collectors and photographers, guides, outtakes,... This gallery will please your senses, saturate your mind and satisfy all of your art desires.


All art on this online studio is ©1995-2011 Desire Art, Kuhne, Fred and relevant Photographers. Any reuse, reprint or public presentation requires written permission. Please contact us in this case.
In Germany are Fred's prints available also through Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart. Stock Photography licensed only once. Photography related help and reviews.
Cutest book on the world? BearSutra, nov available.