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On wish art photography: value of the classics, fine art at it's best definition.

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Desire Art is a simply and fast available on wish art photography studio.
For those who would like to buy existing art or commission custom art, there are three ways to get fine art photography from us:
  1. Fine Art and 35.000 Pictures Gallery since 1988
  2. Request your unique custom art
  3. Online sale exhibitions
Get unique custom high value art prints for your galleries, advertising, catalogs or offices. Art photography prints also serve as amazing gifts for your employees and business partners.
Using stock photography doesn't create the sophisticated company image that you desire.
Please contact us with your requirements.
Exhibitions and for sale art collections.
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Vitruvivien™, The Second Coming

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Actual Photo Artwork Services available to our clients

Another commissioned photo
Another commissioned photo.

  • production by photography, art or repainting of virtually ANY idea desired
  • completed with unique fine art style and over 20 years of professional experience
  • art works and prints based on client ideas
  • on-site unique personal portraits or uncommon advertising photography
  • canvas or paper prints up to 300x180cm (118"x70") - framed or not framed
  • high-resolution photographs with file-size up to 108 megapixels
  • enhanced/retouched high-resolution digital photo up to 220 megapixels
  • pre-press preparation for any work produced
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All art on this online studio is ©1995-2011 Desire Art, Kuhne, Fred and relevant Photographers. Any reuse, reprint or public presentation requires written permission. Please contact us in this case.
In Germany are Fred's prints available also through Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart. Stock Photography licensed only once. Photography related help and reviews.
Cutest book on the world? BearSutra, nov available.